We recommend you to discover the very special and quiet part of Brač – the east coast. Experience and taste how islanders work and live!

From Supetar to Sumartin, the most eastern place on the island, famous of fishing and shipbuilding and its quiet harbor. There are numerous traditional olive groves and vineyards with its local products.

The village Novo Selo is known for its quarry… explore island’s stone art there. Then continue to Povlja, one of the most picturesque fishing spots on Brac where we will take you to a visit to the famous basilica, followed by a tasting of freshly caught fish in the harbor, with time for rest, walking or coffee with sea view.

Back to place Selca. Selca is small town with the most monuments per capita in the world! It’s a place for a historic tour and teach you how to taste locally prepared olive oil. At the last stand of the tour, visit the place where stone is cut.


Some of the best olive oils and the most beautiful olive groves are located on the eastern part of Brač – Selca, Povlja and Sumartin, where people are picking olives by hand and competing for the title of the world’s best extra virgin olive oil producer. This is where it comes from the unique olive variety called Buharica. Here you will find out how to taste and appreciate excellent olive oil!


Island of Brac is known for its pure white stone that boasts many well-known buildings around the world, and Selca are best known for its stonecutters that can turn this stone into works of art. Within your island tour you can see everything: quarry, stone cutting, architecture and art.


This is the way of life of many families of the eastern villages of Povlja and Sumartin. If you wake up and get to the port early enough, you can sometimes see small boats coming with freshly caught fish. In Sumartin you will find a small shipyard where wooden ships repair and build.